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“Mandatory Military Vaccines”

26 Jun

As we have discovered, there is no such thing as “MANDATORY” vaccines or immunizations. Here is a quick list of what the United States Department of Defense says that Military Personnel “MUST” have to be ok according to their standards.


Immunizing Agent Remarks

Basic Training and Officer Accession Training

Adenovirus, Types 4 and 7 Air Force recruits receive adenovirus vaccination only when there is evidence of active disease transmission. Coast Guard Recruits only receive this when specifically directed by the Coast Guard Commandant.

Influenza (Flu Shot) Navy and Marine Corps officer and enlisted accessions receive the influenza vaccine year round in basic training. Other service recruits receive this shot in basic only during the designated flu season (October – March)

Measles Measles Mumps and rubella (MMR) are administered to all recruits regardless of prior history.

Meningococcal Quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine (containing A, C, Y, and W-135 polysaccharide antigens) is administered on a one-time basis to recruits. The vaccine is given as soon as practicable after in-processing or training. This vaccine is required routinely only for recruits, although its use may be indicated in other situations based on transmission potential and risk of contracting meningococcal disease.

Polio A single dose of trivalent OPV is administered to all enlisted accessions. Officer candidates, ROTC cadets, and other Reserve Components on initial active duty for training receive a single dose of OPV unless prior booster immunization as an adult is documented.

Tetanus-diphtheria A primary series of tetanus-diphtheria (Td) toxoid is initiated for all recruits lacking a reliable history of prior immunization in accordance with existing ACIP guidelines. Individuals with previous history of Td immunization receive a booster dose upon entry to active duty and subsequently in accordance with ACIP requirements.

Yellow Fever Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard only

Routine “Booster” Shots while in the Military

Influenza (Flu Shot) Annual, during “Flu Season” (October – March)

Yellow Fever Navy and Marine Corps only.

Alert Forces (See Remarks below for definition of “Alert Forces)

Hepatitis A Air Force Only

Typhoid Typhoid vaccine is administered to alert forces and personnel deploying to endemic areas.

Yellow Fever Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard (Navy and Marine Corps receive all receive this, regardless of “Alert Status”).

When Deploying or Traveling to High Risk Areas

Hepatitis A

JE Vaccine (Japanese B Encephalitis)



Yellow Fever Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard (Navy and Marine Corps receive all receive this, regardless of “Deployment Status”).

When Required by Host Country to Enter

Cholera Cholera vaccine is not administered routinely to either active or reserve component personnel. Cholera vaccine is administered to military personnel, only upon travel or deployment to countries requiring cholera vaccination as a condition for entry, or upon the direction of the appropriate Surgeon General, or Commandant (G-K), Coast Guard.

High Risk Occupational Groups

Hepatitis B



Plague There is no requirement for routine immunization. Plague vaccine is administered to personnel who are likely to be assigned to areas where the risk of endemic transmission or other exposure is high. Vaccine may not be effective in the prevention of airborne infection. The addition of antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended for such situations.

Rabies Rabies vaccine is administered to personnel with a high risk of exposure (animal handlers; certain laboratory, field, and security personnel; and personnel frequently exposed to potentially rabid animals in a non occupational or recreational setting).


When Deployed to Area Where In-Theater Commander Assesses a Biological Threat

Small Pox This vaccine is administered only under the authority of DoD Directive 6205.3, DoD Immunization Program for Biological Warfare Defense.

Anthrax This vaccine is administered only under the authority of DoD Directive 6205.3, DoD Immunization Program for Biological Warfare Defense.


Please note: no H1N1 and no Anthrax unless deployed. Weird how the standards change according to how much of the truth comes out about some of this garbage being EXPERIMENTAL isn’t it?




New Youtube video is up.

16 Jun

Everybody, check out my video on Youtube. Sean’s Youtube video.

Daily thoughts….

14 Jun

I was sitting around earlier during one of my few and far between 5 minute breaks when I realized that I have completely left something out of my blog that I was really interested in doing. Inviting the stories of others that I may be able to help them in some way. I’m not claiming to be an expert in ANYTHING but I do study ALOT on subjects that interest me. If any of you out there need some help, advice, guidance or even just a sympathetic ear or you know someone in a forced vaccine or vaccine damage situation, please, feel free to write it in a Feedback note. Everyone, have a wonderful evening, morning, afternoon or whatever is apropos for where you are.


Hippocratic Oath Background….

13 Jun

Anybody besides me notice that my Hippocratic Oath background was brought to you by those fine folks at Pfizer Corp. The same poison peddlers that make some of the worst, most abhorrent medications and vaccines known to man.

Something I’ve been wondering…

13 Jun

For years now, I have never been able to wrap my brain around the most common argument FOR compulsory immunizations/vaccinations. “If you don’t take the shot, then YOU will become a risk to everyone else around you”. Let me see if I understand that correctly… out of, let’s say the only 100 people in my immediate area, I am the only unvaccinated person. That would mean that the other 99 people around me are “immune” to whatever diseases and maladies they have been vaccinated against, right? So, even IF I did contract something from some magical strain that appeared from nowhere and brought it into the group, shouldn’t they all be immune to it? I mean vaccines are 100% effective and safe according to mainstream medicine, the CDC, and people like “Doctor” Nancy Snyderman… right? So if everyone else is immune to whatever I magically contracted from out of nowhere (since none of the others could possibly have said communicable disease) then I would be the only person affected and have become a risk to no one but myself. Of course we educated folks know that this fairy-tale story of how vaccines “work” is all complete nonsense and that in that situation the only place I could have contracted said disease from would be from one or more of the 99 people that willing were injected with that same live virus that they were trying to avoid. Just something to think about, I guess.

A New Day

13 Jun

Good morning all. I didn’t have any idea that me just telling my story would get so much attention, overnight! Thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing my story with your friends. As for me, today I will be talking with some media outlets about possibly getting the story out in the (hopefully near) future. The truth needs to get out there. Have a wonderful day everyone, and again… thank you.

My Battle Against Vaccines… so far

13 Jun

My name is Sean Niemi and until April 2nd, 2012 I was a Combat Medic with the United States Army. I served Honorably and Proudly for almost 7 years through 27 months worth of 2 Combat deployments. Iraq in 2006-2007 and Afghanistan in 2009.

Throughout my time in the Army, I have endured many things and situations that I would never wish upon my fellow man. I have experienced things that brought me nightmares, caused sheer terror, and will stay with me for the rest of my life. These things are many times, the unfortunate side effects of war and are often as unavoidable by those involved as they are unimaginable by those not involved. One of the things that most haunts me from my time in the US Army is something that not only was avoidable but was, in my opinion, deliberate.

The end of my Military career came almost a year and a half earlier than I expected. I was preparing for an upcoming Combat Deployment (would have been my 3rd such deployment) when I decided that I was going to exercise my right to choose to not be vaccinated in accordance with current Army regulations. I had been wrestling with the decision for years at that point and decided that it was time to speak up and submit my Religious Exemption request. Almost immediately, I was told by CPT Michael Repasky and 1SG Michael Gately that no such exemption existed and that I was in violation of Army regulations regarding deployment readiness. I was told to take some time to research my options and come back with a decision as to what I wanted to do after the Christmas Holiday block leave time. I took that time to locate the exact Army Regulation that dealt with such exemption requests. AR 40-562 entitled “Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis” stated that I did, indeed have the right to request exemption from immunizations, vaccines and any other medical treatment that ran counter to my religious beliefs.

When I presented this evidence to my Chain of Command, I was told that it didn’t apply due to the upcoming deployment but that CPT Repasky and 1SG Gately would follow the guidance laid out in the regulation regarding how to handle my request. From that point on, I was regularly ridiculed, spoken down to, passed over for promotions and awards and, on at least one occasion, threatened with violence to myself and another fellow medic by none other than the Unit Commander, CPT Michael Repasky. The threat took the form of CPT Repasky saying that he wishes he could take myself and the other medic, lock us in a wall-locker and throw in a live grenade with the pin pulled. I understand frustration and that CPT Repasky has stated after the fact that he was just “blowing off steam” and it was “just a joke”, but, fratricide is nothing to be taken lightly or joked about. It was this type of toxic leadership that I believe permeated the Unit and was the driving influence in CPT Repasky’s decision to reject my exemption request and subsequently order me to get all necessary vaccines and immunizations required for deployment (which, incidentally, consisted of an influenza mist inhaler and a yearly Anthrax booster shot). When I respectfully refused that order due to the fact that I firmly believed it to be an unlawful and immoral order that undermined my Constitutionally protected religious rights I was informed that I would be facing UCMJ punishment effective immediately (which could consist of as much as 1 year in Military Prison, Dishonorable Discharge and a Felony Conviction on my record).

I decided that I would not give up my fight for my personal rights. After more than 1 year of Court Martial proceedings, multiple depositions, and countless motions submitted by the Military Prosecutors and my Defense team I was finally Honorably discharged by order of the Secretary of the Army, HON John McHugh with most of my Veteran’s benefits intact on the grounds that the US Army could not accommodate my religious practices and as such I did not meet the needs of the Army. In the process of being discharged I was denied recertification of my National Registry EMT license to practice medicine in a civilian setting even though I met all necessary recertification criteria. Due to this I now find myself without work, without a valid license to do the work that I am trained for and love.

As a result of what I see as CPT Repasky’s toxic and negligent leadership I have endured distrust, name-calling, ridicule, career assassination, the threat of a possible felony conviction with 1 year of Military prison time, unimaginable stress put upon my family and on at least one occasion… death threats. This is not the Army I signed up to be a part of. The oath that I, and every Service member, took does not include anywhere in the wording that I would give up ANY of the constitutionally guaranteed rights that I vowed to uphold and defend. Nor does it mention that I should expect to be ostracized and threatened by the very “Brothers in Arms” that I would be facing immediate danger with daily during deployments to combat zones around the world.

Thinking back on all that has happened; I cherish my time in the US Army. The true lifelong friendships I’ve made. The unique experiences I’ve had. The many lives I have touched and have touched me in a positive way. Even all of the trials and tribulations during the past many months… I wouldn’t change a thing. I only pray that my battle of forced immunizations vs personal religious rights would turn out to be an example that there are people out there willing to fight for what is right. Brave men and women willing to risk it all to stand up for what they believe in regardless of the possible potential cost.

I ask for nothing more than to be inspiration for those parents struggling with the decision whether to give in to public opinion or to stick with their convictions regarding immunizing their children. That healthcare provider that just doesn’t agree with mandatory vaccinations of otherwise healthy individuals to perhaps protect them against something that they may or may not possibly contract at some unforeseen future time if the vaccines they are administering actually work as advertised and don’t actually do more harm than good. An example that the individual CAN defeat the legion when they have the truth on their side.  Proof that one man CAN make a difference, even against an all encompassing, all-powerful entity such as the US military when he is just willing to be the difference maker.

I would like to thank everyone that expressed support for the cause throughout this trying time but specifically I would like to thank first and foremost my wonderful wife, Sherrie. Without her encouragement and support I don’t think I would have been able to do this. Also, my Defense Council Team consisting of Miss Patricia Finn and an appointed Military Defense Counsel, whom I would have been simply lost without and would never have been able to navigate all the legal ins and outs. Miss Finn was a constant unshakeable source of encouragement and fire to keep fighting because I had the truth on my side. To the rest of my friends, family, and social media contacts…  thank you for all the words of encouragement and support. The fight is not done, and neither am I.