Something I’ve been wondering…

13 Jun

For years now, I have never been able to wrap my brain around the most common argument FOR compulsory immunizations/vaccinations. “If you don’t take the shot, then YOU will become a risk to everyone else around you”. Let me see if I understand that correctly… out of, let’s say the only 100 people in my immediate area, I am the only unvaccinated person. That would mean that the other 99 people around me are “immune” to whatever diseases and maladies they have been vaccinated against, right? So, even IF I did contract something from some magical strain that appeared from nowhere and brought it into the group, shouldn’t they all be immune to it? I mean vaccines are 100% effective and safe according to mainstream medicine, the CDC, and people like “Doctor” Nancy Snyderman… right? So if everyone else is immune to whatever I magically contracted from out of nowhere (since none of the others could possibly have said communicable disease) then I would be the only person affected and have become a risk to no one but myself. Of course we educated folks know that this fairy-tale story of how vaccines “work” is all complete nonsense and that in that situation the only place I could have contracted said disease from would be from one or more of the 99 people that willing were injected with that same live virus that they were trying to avoid. Just something to think about, I guess.


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  1. Erwin Alber June 13, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Although the authorities claim that “vaccines are safe and effective”, when one points out to them that some vaccinated people still get infected they respond by saying that “nothing is 100% effective and that vaccines don’t create immunity in about 10% of people”.

    They then use this argument to promote their “herd immunity” concept according to which about 95% of people need to be vaccinated to stop the spread of an infectious disease and thereby provide a “protective umbrella” for those in whom vaccines don’t work and for babies too young to be vaccinated. It’s of course pure Mickey Mouse science used to promote this public health scam.

    Anyone who does a little bit of digging almost inevitably finds that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science and that vaccines have never prevented anything, apart from health, sanity and common sense. In my opinion, the entire vaccine industry needs to be shut down for good to put an end to this child abuse and crime against humanity.

  2. Amy June 16, 2012 at 11:04 pm #

    I have to share this with you here – I so strongly agree with what you are sharing, Sean!

    My sister-in-law was supposedly affected at about age 4 from her immunization shots. After she received her immunization at that time, somehow she suddenly went from being an average child to a child who could not feel the difference, for example, between hot and cold when air or water touched her skin. The family didn’t notice until she broke one of her toes later that same year – She came into the room, pointing at her toe, and she said to her parents, “Look at my toe. It looks funny.” Amazed that she didn’t seem phased otherwise by what had happened to her toe, they asked if she hurt and she said it didn’t. They brought her to the doctor where tests soon followed. They had to rigorously practice daily with her to learn how to use her nerve endings again for a number of years, including helping her understand that a course object rubbed against her skin should hurt and that feathers should feel soft. With this practice, she eventually could feel hot and cold, etc., again with her sense of touch.

    The most horrible part about it all is that it not only left her temporarily without a proper sense of touch, but it also left her mentally slower than she was. She is today almost 40 years old and is capable of functioning and getting around, and she is very witty and has a great memory (especially about movies and TV shows – She can tell you about nearly every actor’s career), but she is unable to react immediately and her judgement of natural things, like quickly recognizing that there are 5 apples in front of her without having to think twice about how many apples she sees, fails most of the time. Writing she does slowly as well, so filling out a form can take her 3 times as long as it would for the average person… These are just a few examples. She is dependent on others to get around because she can’t drive, she seems to be stuck at about age 14 mentally, and she lives at home with her mother.

    Another argument one could use says she had hit her head on the concrete while playing one day sometime before the immunization shots (she didn’t have a concussion and the doctor didn’t see any trauma), but a family friend, who was born two days prior to her, also received immunization shots from the same facility and the same time frame – And he suffers as well from similar issues that she had and has. He is very brilliant overall. He carries on a clever conversation – Very articulate and polite. He works as a cook for a large Christian school cafeteria, and he grows vegetables in his own garden, so he gets around independently for the most part. But he also can’t function quickly like the average person, so he is dependent on others to help him, especially with important issues like banking, etc, and he too lives at home with his parents because independent living would become an issue for him.

    It’s sad. Both of these individuals – If you look at them while they speak to you, you see that they are nearly capable 100% to be just like anyone else, but it’s almost as if a thin and permanent blanket is held over their existence. Doctors can’t say for certain if their cases are related to the immunization shots that they received, but both families are absolutely certain that this is the case.

    What you are doing, standing up for others by speaking out, is a great thing! You are also speaking up for them, these two wonderful people who I know – Thank you for sharing and I wish you success!

    • vaccinebattles June 16, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

      Amy, that is an amazing story and I would like to share it with some other friends of mine if that’s ok with you. One of my friends (Erwin A… he comments on my stuff here some and created the new Facebook page for me) lives in New Zealand and is VERY well-known and influential in the anti-vaccine community. Also, I want to run this past some Naturopaths I have contact with to see if they can identify more of the underlying cause so we can try to help the healing a little more. Again, thank you for sharing this story and thank you for being such a great friend. ~Sean~

  3. Megan Kerkhoff March 10, 2013 at 4:37 pm #

    That, my friend, is the definition of insanity. Some pro-vaxxer is going to see this and its going to send smoke billowing out of their ears.

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