Special Thanks….

9 Jul

During my interview on InfoWars with Mike Adams I got completely sidetracked due to an insane case of nerves and didn’t thank the people that truly helped me through my trying time. First and foremost… my beautiful wife, Sherrie. Without her constant dedication and support I don’t think I would have ever had the strength to keep “fighting the good fight”. I love you baby. Secondly, my defense team consisting of a certain Military appointed Defense Counsel (whom I cannot mention due to the fact that he is still in the US Army) and Ms. Patricia Finn, Esq. Patti kept pushing for me to keep fighting and never give up even when the Military Counsel was telling me to “take the deal”. Thirdly, all the wonderful people I and my wife have had the pleasure of connecting with via Facebook and other outlets. In particular, Erwin Alber (of the Vaccine Information Network, or VINE, on Facebook) who is a ridiculously informed and passionate proponent for vaccine choice. Also, REV Dr. Robert Sorge & Ralph Fucetola, JD… our spiritual covering and guidance. Thank you so much for your guidance and assistance throughout these many months of hardship. To everyone else that I haven’t mentioned by name, thank you all. Keep up the great work. We will win this battle because we have the truth on our side.  ~Sean~


One Response to “Special Thanks….”

  1. carol July 10, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    I am sorry to hear about your struggles about the vaccine problems
    when you were in the Army. I pray you will be able to get your
    EMT at last. Your going to school will help much. Thank you for
    sharing your struggles. Hang in there. cs

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