Ownership vs Leasing

10 Jul

I’ve heard MANY people say things like “Once you join the military, they own you”. And “Your soul better belong to Jesus, cuz the rest belongs to Uncle Sam”. Well, I guess I have a horrible memory from close to 7 years of military service, almost 2 1/2 years of combat deployments and countless months of non-stop full-bore training. I guess I forgot the part in the Oath of Enlistment that said, “I, Sean Niemi, do solemnly swear(affirm) to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Unless it inconveniences somebody that outranks me. Then I have to play B.O.H.I.C.A. (for all those of you that have served… you know that acronym) and take whatever orders are given to me regardless of how many of MY Constitutionally Guaranteed Liberties get trampled on in the process”. I seem to forget that part.

I see it like this… the Military/Government doesn’t OWN it’s Service Members, they are leased. Very much like a lease agreement for an automobile. If you lease a motor vehicle, then you can most definitely utilize it for its intended purpose as much as you like but if you damage it, you will have to pay a premium for it when your lease expires. Also, you COULD lease a vehicle and immediately inject all manner of foreign substances into the fuel tank, transmission, radiator, and anywhere else you can pour fluids, but could you then reasonably expect your newly leased vehicle to continue to operate at peak performance for the next 4 years with Coca-Cola in the fuel tank, liquid nitrogen in the transmission, and molten mercury in the radiator? I would be surprised if it would get off the lot. So why, then, do we take normal, healthy, young military recruits and inject them with all manner of harmful, unneeded, unnatural poisonous substances that were never meant to be in the human body and then expect them to be nice and healthy and all geeked up about beginning what will be the toughest few weeks many of them will ever experience in their lives (Boot Camp/Basic Training)? Soldiers are leased for X amount of years and should be expected to be returned to their respective homes in at least the same condition that they left in, if not better. Any deliberate attempts by the military to permanently alter or damage them in any way, shape or form should be grounds for legal action resulting in grave consequences for that soldier’s command group and a very hefty living stipend for the rest of that damaged soldier’s days. Just my not-so-humble-yet-unerringly-correct opinion. Perhaps I’m wrong…


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