Soldier-turned-political activist is discharged from Army after declining immunizations


There are a few problems with this story. Let me run them down for you.

1)I never “thought” that the NDAA that Congressman Owens voted for would infringe on Civil Liberties… I KNEW that it would allow indefinite detention of US citizens without Constitutionally guaranteed Due Process.

2)Which health professionals believe that not poisoning myself, my family or my soldiers would put ANYBODY at risk? Any health care worker that believes that nonsense should go back and read the Hippocratic Oath that they supposedly live by. (I have conveniently used a copy of it provided by one of Big Pharma’s lead dogs as the background for this blog that you are now reading.)

3)”The Army’s policy is clear, according to a statement from a Pentagon spokeswoman: All soldiers must be immunized against influenza, and soldiers who are going to dangerous areas must be immunized against anthrax. Doing otherwise is considered disobeying a lawful order and can result in punishment, including dishonorable discharge, which would strip soldiers of post-service benefits.”  What Pentagon spokeswoman did he talk to? The Department of Defense allows for Religious Exemptions from immunizations in their own Regulations as well as waivers to deploy overseas without the poisons.

4)”And despite concerns among some Americans about vaccines, most health professionals and government officials discount concerns over the safety of vaccines, strongly recommending the protection that they offer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization website features anecdotes from influenza pandemics that could have been prevented by vaccinations.”  Doing alot of quoting from the very people that make the decisions to inject all these poisons based on fear-mongering propaganda and pseudo-science.

5)In 2009 there was no Swine Flu epidemic or pandemic or outbreak of any kind. What there was, was a new vaccine introduced by companies looking to make millions off it and in turn the powers that be created a scare in order to force or coerce the public into taking the shot. Also, I didn’t have to persuade any of my soldiers into not taking the shot. Most of them were skeptical before they came to me, (the Unit’s Senior Medic) to find out if they really needed the shot. All I did was tell them the truth. I didn’t know anything about the vaccine because there was no literature included with the vaccines and that I wasn’t going to take the shot nor would I administer it. If they wanted the shot, they would have to bring one of my Junior Medics to my Aid Station to administer it. MANY of the soldiers declined once they were educated about my concerns.

6)I never requested anything from 1LT David Draper, he was my Medical Platoon Leader and as such, could not be involved in the decision making process of my type of Exemption request. Only my Unit Commander, CPT Michael Repasky could make the decision regarding my request.

7)The Abunda Life Church in Asbury Park, NJ has never been denied tax exempt status. The building that the church is located in was denied tax exempt status because there was a “for-profit” business being run in the building also. Abunda Life Church is and always has been tax exempt and a REAL Christian church based solely on Scriptural teachings and guidlines laid out in the Bible.

8)I refused to submit to the punishment that my Unit Commander was going to levy against me for more than one reason. Because it would have included an admission of guilt on my part even though I did nothing wrong. It would have also meant more than “extra work”, it would have meant I would have lost all the rank I had earned in my 6+ years of faithful and diligent service. And I would have been one instance of refusal of the direct (unlawful and immoral) order to “take the shot” away from a Dishonorable Discharge and possible Federal Prison time.

9)Mr Lamont was instructed by the Secretary of the Army, HON John McHugh, to sign my order of discharge under condition of Chapter 5-3 which says, in essence, that I would be Honorably Discharged due to the fact that the Army cannot accommodate my Religious Practices. I could have sworn that the Surgeon General’s Office said that not getting vaccinated would result in Dishonorable Discharge. Just kinda goes to show that these people don’t even know their own rules and regulations.

As for the local reporter that wrote this article, Mr. Brian Amaral… he was the reporter that wrote the other 2 articles about my protesting activities that I have posted on this blog. I honestly believe he came to his editor with the story with nothing but the best of intentions about telling the truth about what happened to me and what my family and I have endured through all of this. Then after catching ALOT of heat from the Army, Mr. Amaral’s editor started hacking at the story to make me look like some sort of crazy, fringe rabble-rouser. Notice, no mention of the death threat by my former Unit Commander, CPT Michael Repasky… no mention at all of him. Oh well, maybe I can get one of the big time news networks to do the story. Or maybe I should just go back on Infowars again. At least they aren’t scared of Big Brother trying to bully people around.


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